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Access US stock and equity options markets with Lime Trader, a customizable platform with easy-to-use trading tools.

  • Streamlined trading interface with real-time streaming quotes
  • Access to U.S. securities including stocks, options, ETFs & ADRs
  • Mobile app with complete charts and synced watch lists
  • Fully customizable charts
  • Trade directly from charts
  • Web-based trading platform
  • No-commission pricing**


Open and fund a Lime Trader account for options contracts to leverage price movements. If you’re approved for the appropriate options trading level*, you can trade options strategies comprising up to four legs. Apply for up to five levels of options trading, based on your financials, experience, and investment objectives.

Available Option Levels

*The available option levels are:

  • Level 1 Covered Call Writing
  • Level 2 Covered Call Writing, Buying Puts & Calls
  • Level 3 Covered Call Writing, Buying Puts & Calls
  • Level 4 Covered Call Writing, Buying Puts & Calls, Writing Equity Puts
  • Level 5 Covered Call Writing, Buying Puts & Calls, Writing Equity Puts, Writing Uncovered Equity Calls

Please read our FAQs for more information on options.

**Commission free trading only available through Lime Trader. Free commission trading does not include options, OTCBB or Pink Sheets, GTC orders, or extended hours trading. Other fees including regulatory, service, or other fees may apply. Please visit our Fees Page for further information. All investing incurs risk, including but not limited to loss of principal. Further information may be found on our Disclosure Statements.

Multi-Leg Options

Place a multi-leg option order on Lime Trader and execute up to four legs, so you can set the net price for the entire strategy at once.

  • Preset strategies give you a starting place to load your trade ticket
  • Gain/loss calculator shows you max gain, max loss and breakeven points
  • Position management features let you select and open, close, or roll option legs
  • Position views rollup calculations by strategy and underlying so you can track your portfolio’s profit and loss (P&L) and Greek values

Futures & Futures Options

  • ZDiversify into futures 23 hours a day, 5 days a week
  • ZMetals
  • ZEnergies
  • ZAgricultural Commodities
  • ZSoft Commodities
  • ZInterest Rates
  • ZIndexes
  • ZCurrencies

*Futures trading involves the substantial risk of loss and is not for all investors. Please read the Futures Disclosure Statements prior to trading futures products.