Lime Trading Wins Best Quantitative Trading Broker at 2022 Markets Choice Awards

by | 05.18.2022 | News

Lime Trading won the Best Quantitative Trading Broker Award at the 2022 Markets Media Markets Choice Awards. The award recognizes a brokerage firm whose services target the needs of quantitative traders and investors.

Johan Sandblom holds the Markets Choice award standing next to Tim Larason at event gala

Johan Sandblom (left), Head of Institutional Business Development, and Tim Larason, CTO, at the Markets Choice Awards

“It’s a great honor and a great award,” said Lugene Forte, CEO of Lime Trading. Forte cited Lime’s high-speed offering and customer service to quantitative investment managers as contributing factors for the award.

Tim Larason, Chief Technology Officer at Lime, said the brokerage firm’s comprehensive suite of services for low latency traders gives Lime a distinct role in the industry.

“Lime is a technology-driven agency broker with a one-stop shop offering,” said Larason. “We pride ourselves on our versatility and have developed a toolkit of options to satisfy all trading styles. Clients can deal with one firm to get everything they need, which makes it a lot easier for them to focus on the trading and their alpha.”

In addition to API options, Lime offers both VPN and exchange colocation in all three major equity data centers: Carteret, Secaucus, and Mahwah. Lime also offers normalized or raw data market solutions, and a variety of clearing alternatives.

The Best Quantitative Trading Broker Award comes two months after the company announced its rebranding as Lime in March 2022, but this is not the first time Markets Media has recognized Lime’s technology. In 2016, Lime Brokerage won Best Systematic Trading Technology, and in 2017, Lime Brokerage won Best New Risk Product.

Markets Media held the 10th annual Markets Choice Awards gala on Wednesday, May 4 at the Loeb Boathouse Central Park in New York.

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