Hosting & Colocation

Make every microsecond count

Lime Financial provides unconflicted, agency-only execution with low latency connectivity.

Our secure hosting and colocation services at all the major exchange datacenters, including Mahwah, Carteret, and Secaucus, can help you anonymously access the markets.

Offering You

Presence in all major U.S. exchange data centers, Carteret, Secaucus (NY4), Mahwah

A latency-optimized network between colocations using low latency dark fibers and Arista switches

Raw or normalized
market data access


In the world of high frequency trading, colocation can help give you a competitive edge.

No matter how fast the data transmission is, a brokerage firm that has servers physically located within an exchange may be able to provide faster access to data than a firm whose servers are located miles away.

We built Lime Financial’s network specifically for low latency. Using high-capacity dark fiber for high bandwidth and reliability, Lime’s network can link to the exchange venues for orders to arrive in microseconds. 

Lime helps you colocate at all major U.S. trading venues, potentially reducing latency and enhancing liquidity.

Proximity Hosting

Lime offers access to all major US trading venues. Quant traders may value proximity hosting for the simplicity of market data and execution from a single port of entry.

Through our partnerships, we can expand our service offerings to accommodate your needs.