Is Your Broker Reliable?

by | 01.25.2022 | Institutional, Videos


If you’ve dealt with unreliable trading technology in the past year, you’re not alone.

Both slow reporting and complete outages happened to several trading firms during high volatility days in 2021.

Having an executing broker whose systems are fast and reliable, especially during periods of volatility, is essential.

Financial expert Bob Iaccino explains trading during high volatility may help you take advantage of extra alpha — but only if your brokerage firm can keep up.

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What is Rule 15c3-5?

What is Rule 15c3-5?

Before an order is eligible to be sent for execution, it must pass through a broker’s pre-trade risk check to ensure the order is not violating any pre-determined thresholds. This rule is known as Rule 15c3-5, but what is this rule exactly? Bob Iaccino explores.

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