Lime Trader

API, Web, and Mobile apps you can count on.

Integrated, powerful, synced platforms.  Ideal for coding to  API to automate trading, while monitoring and trading manually from web and mobile platforms. 

Lime Trader – API

REST API powered by Lime

REST API with order routing and streaming websocket market data,  position and order updates. Automate your trading.

Lime Trader – Web

Simple but powerful web trading

Advanced technical analysis and trading directly from charts, direct orders to exchanges, hot keys, option chains and multileg options trading – all in a simple web interface.

Lime Trader – Mobile

Your device, on the go

Monitor your activity, place trades, stay updated with synced watch lists. Available on Android and iOS.


Commission Pricing*

Directed & Smart Orders**

*Commission-free trading only available through the Lime Trader platform. Free commission trading does not include options, OTCBB or Pink Sheets, or extended hours trading. 

**Directed & Smart Orders $.005/Share. Does not include options.

Other fees, such as regulatory, service, or other fees, may apply. Please visit our Pricing Page for further information. All investing incurs risk, including but not limited to loss of principal. Further information may be found on our Disclosures Page.