Lime Trader API

At Lime Trader, we are dedicated to empowering ambitious day traders like you with cutting-edge technology.

Explore your trading potential with Lime to provide the technology and support so you can focus on your strategy.

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Ready to start your trading journey with Lime? Try our demo Python SDK free for 30 days and experience the Lime difference.

Lime Trader APIs allow you to: 

    • Develop new trading applications in Python, Java, JavaScript, C#, C++, and more
    • Stream market data via web sockets
  • Access stocks and options across markets globally
  • Integrate trading into existing applications and front-ends

Trading API

Automate your trading, build your own apps, or connect to existing front ends. Place a trade through the API and see it on your Lime Trading terminal. Our API is based on REST (Representational State Transfer) principles, and provides full control, flexibility, and scalability.

Our RESTful API can be used with any language that supports standard HTTP. Trading with just plain JSON and POST requests allows streaming updates to positions and orders.

Streaming updates
to positions and orders

Not your “typical” broker

Lime Trader is your destination for comprehensive trading technology backed by multiple APIs. Trade on your own terms and integrate Lime APIs with your set up, or our front end platform. 

At Lime, you are in the driver’s seat.

Data API

Our Data API allows developers to stream market data for stocks, options and over-the-counter markets. You can use this API for reference and historical data. All quotes are delayed 15 minutes.

Market data streaming
via web sockets