Lime Trader – Web

Simple, powerful web trading application.

Go easy or go deep. We built our flagship platform for fast, reliable access to US equity and option trading. Easy to use with plenty of depth.  

Technical Analysis and Advanced Drawing on charts

Customize your charts utilizing over 90+ technical analysis studies and drawing tools.

Chart Tutorial

Trade directly from charts

Place and adjust orders directly from charts, add optional One Cancels other (OCO) Exits or Choose trade buttons for rapid-fire one click trading right from the charts.

Trading from Charts Tutorial

View greeks and trade from option chains

View options for every expiration color-coded for in or out of the money contracts with streaming greeks and quote information. Click the bid or ask to load a buy or sell order.

Option Chains Tutorial

Options & multi-leg options

Use the option chain to see the greeks and other data points you are interested in, place a trade for a single option or multi-leg option strategy, 

Multi-leg options Tutorial

Manage your Equity and Option Positions

Monitor positions and take actions like close, roll, or add to positions. See calculations per position or per underlying group.

Positions Tutorial


Quickly scan prices and logos to stay on top of stocks you are watching. Stay in sync with mobile on the go.

Direct your orders

See quotes on all major lit exchanges and direct your orders where you want them to go.

Post limit orders for maximum visibility or access the liquidity you want to access.

Borrow hard-to-borrow stocks

Stocks are marked Hard to Borrow in the platform.
When you try to short these stocks, a quote is requested and if a locate is available, the quote is displayed on the order preview screen.

Commission Pricing*

Unlimited, $0 commission* trading on U.S.-listed stocks and ETFs through market maker venues. 

$.005/share, $1 min
Direct Routing Commissions

Unlimited, $0.005/share commission trading on U.S.-listed stocks and ETFs, with direct access to 14 Exchanges and Smart Order Routing.

Option Commission

Unlimited, $0.50/contract commission trading on U.S.-listed equity options, single or multi-leg orders.

*Commission-free trading only available through the Score Priority trading platform. Free commission trading does not include options, OTCBB or Pink Sheets, or extended hours trading. Other fees, such as regulatory, service, or other fees, may apply. Please visit our Pricing Page for further information. All investing incurs risk, including but not limited to loss of principal. Further information may be found on our Disclosures Page.