Nasdaq TradeTalks | Lime Talks Technology Driven-Solutions in Volatile Markets

by | 05.31.2022 | News

“Strap your seatbelt on, because June’s coming and it can be quite a ride.”

Lugene Forte, CEO of Lime Trading, said the end of Q2 can be a busy period for traders.

With the Russell rebalance, quad witch, and earnings announcements all scheduled for June, Forte joined Jill Malandrino at Nasdaq TradeTalks in May 2022 for a conversation about reliable technology during volatile markets.

Members of the Lime team pose under sign reading “NASDAQ WELCOMES LIME FINANCIAL”

Members of the Lime team pose under Nasdaq sign reading “NASDAQ WELCOMES LIME FINANCIAL”

“During times of volatility, people are looking for stability,” said Forte.

Lime developed its technology with stability as its focus. For example, in the first quarter of 2022, Lime’s robust technology executed nearly 200 million shares in a single day without outages.

In addition to low latency and stability, Forte also recognized the importance of cybersecurity for Lime’s clients.

“[Our team works] to ensure that all of our clients’ data information and trade secrets are protected, because our clients spend a lot of money on these trading strategies,” she explained.

“They want to ensure that the engine that’s behind it – which is Lime Trading – is there during volatile times and their data is protected as well as their strategies.”

Nasdaq TradeTalks broadcasts live from MarketSite in Times Square.

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