About Us

Lime started as one of Wall Street’s best-kept secrets.

Our founders were hedge fund traders who couldn’t find a brokerage firm to meet their needs for volume, speed, and privacy — so they created one. In 2000, Lime Brokerage began as part of a large US hedge fund, offering direct market access to the exchanges.

For over 20 years, Lime catered to a competitive group of financial institutions. But while developing an infrastructure for high frequency trading firms, Lime wondered, “What if individual traders could access the same technology as institutional clients?”

Today, Lime has opened its offering to sophisticated, independent traders, filling a vacuum between the bulge bracket firms and retail. We’re proud to offer the same low latency technology to traders, from Wall Street to Main Street.

History of Lime



Lime Executionexecuted:

  • ZOver 20B shares & processed more than 10B messages
  • ZAlmost 200M shares in one day
  • 950M shares in last one minute
  • 9105M shares in last 15 minutes
  • Z43M messages processed in one day
  • Z1.7B messages processed in one month


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