Score Priority Corp. Completes Acquisition of Lightspeed Financial Services Group’s Low Latency Execution Technology

by | 12.02.2020 | News

Score Priority further expands into the brokerage space with the acquisition of Lightspeed Financial Services Group’s HFT assets, known as Lime

NEW YORK—Score Priority Corp. (“Score Priority”), a financial technology and brokerage firm offering an institutional-grade experience to individual, professional, and institutional investors and traders, has completed its acquisition of the Lime low latency execution platform from Lightspeed Financial Services Group LLC. This technology solution allows Score Priority to leverage the platform’s stability, reliability, and scalability in its existing brokerage service. FINRA approved the acquisition at the end of November.

Score Priority’s client base of both retail and professional traders will be equipped with a platform of advanced features hallmarked by reliability and stability. Fully integrated into the new technological infrastructure, they will receive the same outstanding level of service to which Lime’s HFT and technology clients were accustomed, and gain access to low latency connectivity to U.S. equity and options exchanges. Both former Lime HFT and technology clients and existing Score Priority clients will benefit from further innovations as Score Priority invests in the battle-tested technology and from a corporate culture that emphasizes treating clients as partners.

“I am proud of the team we have assembled at Score Priority, which now includes key personnel from Lime,” said Tony Huck, CEO of Score Priority. “I look forward to further enhancing this technology, not only innovating for our HFT clients but arming retail and professional traders with sophisticated institutional-grade features.”

This acquisition reunites Huck, who was Lime’s former president and COO, with a trading platform, client base, and staff that he helped build, acquire, and nurture, respectively.

“Lime’s technology allows Score Priority to become a leading provider of low latency execution via a platform optimized for performance and throughput,” said Johan Sandblom, Head of Business Development at Score Priority. “Under Score Priority’s leadership and direction, we can further enhance Lime’s best-in-class reputation. This is Lime’s return home.”

The acquisition comes at a time of sustained growth for Score Priority. Since moving to a remote work environment in March, the company has hired a dozen employees, including Chief Legal Officer and Chief Technology Officer.

About Score Priority Corporation

Score Priority is a diverse financial technology, trading, and brokerage firm, offering a full suite of services for active retail, professional, and institutional clients. Using best-in-breed providers and in-house proprietary technology, Score Priority offers premium execution for the equities, options, and futures markets. With headquarters in midtown Manhattan and a corporate presence in Boston, Chicago, Los Angeles, and Austin, Score Priority operates with its trademark attentiveness to clients, innovative products, and state-of-the-art technological solutions. Score Priority executes across all U.S. lit exchanges and prominent dark venues on a pure agency basis. For more information, visit

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