Speed, Reliability, and Questions to Ask Your Brokerage Firm

by | 12.03.2021 | Screen Trading, Videos


Do you know how much latency is affecting your performance?

Lime’s Chief Technology Officer Tim Larason explains how even a nanosecond delay can have an impact on active traders. Between execution speed and reliability, Bob Iaccino explores the questions traders should ask their brokerage firm.

0:20 About Tim Larason

1:39 How typical retail firms approach low latency

3:03 Execution speed comparison chart

4:49 Reliability and brokerage firm outages

5:28 Factors affecting latency

6:53 Questions to ask your brokerage firm

9:16 Which traders are affected most

Backtesting, simulation, and production trading

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Is Your Broker Reliable?

Is Your Broker Reliable?

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What is Rule 15c3-5?

What is Rule 15c3-5?

Before an order is eligible to be sent for execution, it must pass through a broker’s pre-trade risk check to ensure the order is not violating any pre-determined thresholds. This rule is known as Rule 15c3-5, but what is this rule exactly? Bob Iaccino explores.

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