Score Priority & Lime Execution Unite Under Lime Financial Brand

by | 03.16.2022 | Advisory, News

Lime: Your Industry Ally

We built this company on the belief that every trader and investor deserves access to the latest technology and transparent partnership. Our new brand was developed to align our entities under the umbrella of the Lime name –one that has become synonymous with powerful trading technology.

As a firm, we are actively seeking new ways to meet the needs of our audience. Last year we executed over 20 billion trades and processed more than 10 billion messages. This year, the Lime team is infusing the speed, direct access, and low latency of legacy Lime Execution into offerings for a broader range of clients. Serving traders, investors, quants, and developers we offer a continuum of tools and tech through Lime Trading Corp. that allow our clients to grow within the firm as their strategies evolve.

“We offer sophisticated trading solutions and tools that everyone in the market deserves but has been unable to access for too long. We engineered our suite of services with clients at the center, and hedge-fund-level technology to support them.”  -Lugene Forte, CEO

Since 2000, our low latency, Direct Market Access (DMA), and client-centric service have supported large hedge funds and quant traders, and now we are bringing those benefits to everyone who values quality, scale, and customization. We believe all traders and investors should experience working with an unconflicted broker invested in client success from day one.

We look forward to serving you as the new, Lime Financial.

New Product Names

A few of our products have new names but the same great technology you have come to expect from Lime already: 

  • Lime Trader | Formerly known as the Score Priority Trading Platform, Lime Trader is our proprietary active day trader platform.
  • Lime Pro | The Sterling Trader Pro platform, powered by the Lime for active day traders.
  • Lime Direct | Our Lime Execution products are now called Lime Direct. A new name, but the same great offering of our low latency and colocation technology for quants and algorithmic traders.

Want to learn more?

  • Why Lime | Our history, mission, and focus as we move forward
  • Lime Insights | A place for forward-looking professionals to learn about advanced trading strategies, market structure, and financial technology trends.
  • Meet the Team | The people focused on the ongoing growth of the firm in support of our clients
  • Asset Classes | Learn about what asset classes you can trade with Lime
  • FAQs | Quick links to help you find the information you’re looking for
  • Contact Us | Reach out to our team with general queries and product questions



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